Amanda Ashford

Top doTERRA representative Ontario Canada

Hi, I’m Amanda!

Welcome to my WellnessAmanda website! I am a wellness advocate and Silver Leader and want to be your primary resource for the beautiful, healthy living products available from doTERRA. I just love being a product advocate for a company that cares about the same things I do; Clean Living, Natural Solutions and Pure Wellness.

With my passion for all things natural and clean for you, your children and your home, and the amazing products available from doTERRA, you are in good hands! I am constantly discovering for myself and others how making little adjustments to your day to day life can have a huge impact on your health!

I am blessed to have a supportive best friend and partner Chris, who was my high school sweetheart from Burlington, Ontario where we both grew up. We left the big city for a smaller town, and soon realized we longed for true country living, and have since found it in Lynden, Ontario where we live in an old farmhouse we adore.

Our family grew with two Husky fur-babies first, Mikka and Rone, who love their roaming playground at home.

Becoming a mom has taken my commitment and passion for wellness to a new level. I am the proud mamma of our two beautiful kids, Jack and Reese, and I am constantly and diligently advocating for them and to them, to embrace a healthy lifestyle.

My journey to becoming a doTERRA product representative and an advocate for overall wellness began thanks to my own mom. My Mom bought me my first bottle of doTERRA On Guard Oil and I’ve never looked back! I first started using On Guard in my home for our butcher block counters in the kitchen to kill germs and bacteria and effectively clean it without harsh chemicals and fell in love.  After endless research with no luck, trying to find how to buy another bottle of On Guard I remember thinking “There needs to be an easier way to buy these products”. I want it to be easy for people to buy what they need to optimize their own wellness so they will want to adopt these values as I have.

From then on, I began making my own cleaning products and discovered that I could make excellent options more easily available and accessible, and provide coaching along the way.

Another pivotal time in this journey was When Jack was 2 years old, he developed bronchitis and medical doctors put him on an inhaler. As a young mom, you know we hate when our kids get sick and I was really convinced there needed to be an answer other than calming the symptoms through an inhaler! I discovered essential oils and fully embraced the impact they could have on the health of our family. Needless to say, we have no puffers or inhalers in our home at all, and Jack no longer experiences those symptoms!

My dream is to share my story, live by example and support others to making the small switches to their day to day routines and practices that will make a monumental impact to the healthy lifestyle they aspire to create for themselves and their families.

If you would like to chat about natural solutions you are curious about implementing, need a same-minded wellness buddy or want information about any of the products available from doTERRA I am here to help!

We deserve it! Our Kids deserve it! Our Communities deserve it!